Autonomous Mobility Center (AMC)

is a worldwide network of testracks dedicated to the development, testing and validation of new mobility technology (cars, trucks, drones, scooters, infrastructure, etc.). Each facility is built in a modular and highly flexible set up that allows for future growth and adaption to change. Testing will happen both in the physical and virtual world with testing scenarios defined specifically for every level of autonomy (L2 to L5).

AMC facilities are currently under development in the US (Indiana, California and Texas), Middle East (Dubai and KSA), Europe, China and India.

AMC facilities

About Autonomous Mobility Center

Global Test Network

Global Test Network

Autonomous Driving Test Tracks

Classical testing

Classical testing

  • OEM specific
  • Static design
  • Technological characteristics:
    • Quickly obsolete
    • Requires constant hardware updates
Classic + Autonomous

Classic + Autonomous

  • Multi OEM approach
  • Partial dynamic design
  • Technological characteristics:
    • Medium adaptable
    • Requires periodical hardware updates
Test Tracks 3.0

Test Tracks 3.0

  • Multi OEM approach
  • Full dynamic design
  • Technological characteristics
    • Highly adaptable
    • Advantage ensured through software focussed design
Autonomous Driving Test Tracks

Facility details 3.0

The Autonomous Mobility Center provides a new pathway to organize future testing. This concept allows the most efficient access through an infrastructure network. The overall flexibility of the PAD configuration allows smart testing solutions and configurations up to your preferences and requirements.

  • Fully scalable
  • Fully extandable
  • Multi user access
  • Flexible pad combination
  • Phasing of construction
  • Efficient infraestructure supply
  • Efficient data infraestructure short range
  • Easy investment concept

  • Constantly changing pad equipment updating
  • Rising complexity


Testing Local Pad

Testing Complex Pad Urban

Testing Complex Pad Urban

Certification program

AMC will provide all necessary modules and environments necessary for verification to operate in the real world. Agencies would have a standardized platform and framework to evaluate new and interconnected technologies

  • Departments of Transportation
    • Licensure and certification
  • OEMs
    • New vehicle and vehicle technology development
  • Device manufactures
    • Confirm compatibility
    • Adapt to “world of thing” and smart technology
  • New and startup concepts
    • Demonstrate potential operations
    • Validate results and existing progress
  • Insurance Agencies
    • Quantify the risks and improvements of new technology
    • Balance the actuarial impact for underwriting

About Autonomous Mobility Center


Autonomous Mobility Center is a partnership between Tilke Engineering and Architecture and T.M. Crowley and Associates to build a global network of facilities focused on the testing, development, and certification of autonomous vehicles, devices, and future mobility concepts.

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